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"You really have to go on holidays? I’ll be sitting over here then and make a sad face…”
— Faolan, Oriental Shorthair

my boyfriend’s yearbook picture

The chick next to him looks so disgusted bahahahhaha


All Signs Point To Lauderdale // A Day To Remember

I hate this town; it’s so washed up,
and all my friends don’t give a fuck.

They’ll tell me that it’s just bad luck,
When will I find where I fit in?


I lay my head onto the sand. 
The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it. 
I’m counting ufo’s. 
I signal them with my lighter 
and in this moment i am happy, happy. 

I wish you were here..
I wish you were here 
I wish you were here 
I wish you were here.

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